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Time to relax

For 50 years, Laboratoire Klorane creates natural healthcare products formulated with plant extracts, source of wellness.

The Klorane Pivoine product range introduce new product and we've created, in tight collaboration with Laboratoires Pierre Fabre digital team, an unique interactive experience based on the breathe and its relaxing power.

A website launched in 6 countries : France, Spain, Belgium, Greece and Australia.

The experience is based on the interaction between the user and its computer. The goal is to ensure a tangible and real experience between the brand and the visitor.

Engaging the visitor: experience and gaming

Starting from the brief, our will and vision for the brand is to integrate a sensory dimension to this project and thus transcribe in the most realistic way possible the actual product action. Breathe is the key! We make the best use of the possibilities offered by the media.

Using the Webaudio API and the navigator.getUserMedia () method, we create a direct interaction between the visitor and the peony petals on the screen, following a real sophrology exercise.

In addition to the gaming dimension, we offer a proven relaxing solution supported by a psycho-ergo-therapist.

Engaging also involves try out by the users. For this, we’ve developped a game and the winners then receive a free Klorane Peony product box.

Digital as a gateway to reality.

More than a classical langswitcher
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Our Drupal CMS solution permits each team country to contribute its own contents. Visitors are automatically redirected to the correct language thanks to language autodetect functions.
A lottery can also be activated for each country

6 countries / 12 users / 1 backoffice ... nothing easier than that!


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