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Let's be Biotonome!

Biocoop is the largest french retailer providing bio products, grocery, based on a fairtrade ethics.

Since 2015, Icom Agency and W2P Digital helps Biocoop out organizing and promoting "La Journée des Biotonomes", a nationwide street event in 300 french cities with a simple goal: make people aware of the better consume and buy.


Map visualization

Around 300 events in France all managed in a single Wordpress backoffice and published on a Mapbox map. Every shop manager can access and publish or modify the informations regarding his own event.

Create the Biotonome community with a simple tool

We've created a social wall based on a photocall that allows each single person de express his support to the Biotonome mouvement.
Engage, personnalize and share !

Tips for a good living! 👍🏻

How to clean a strawberry spot? How to create your ecological soap?... We've created a tool for users to express themselves and share their good tips.


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